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Why Would Celebs Play The Lottery, Anyway?

Why Would Celebs Play The Lottery, Anyway?

Why wouldn't they? They are, after all, human beings just like you and me. They experience the same urges to have fun and do interesting things, and just because you see them on magazine covers, on music tours or starring in the latest movies does not mean that their life is one giant and continuous party.

Playing The Lottery Is Loads Of Fun!

Most of us play the lottery thinking how nice it would be to give our family the chance to live the lotto lifestyle. Plus, we play to level the playing field between a person with an average income and the rich and famous. But when you already count among the latter, what motivates you to play is the desire to get even richer! Plus, the ultimate thrill most players experience when watching a live lottery draw on television or online can rarely be topped by anything else.

The game of lottery is the ultimate game of chance, and famous people like to embrace it precisely because they are bored and tired of the ease at which money usually finds them. Who doesn't want to feel a flutter in the belly? If you have recently started to play online lottery and you have chosen a place like Lottery Master as your number one go-to place to check numbers, get inspiration or use quick pick tools, you are on the right track. While you might not immediately understand just how big of a difference a good lottery platform can make, these next few lines should clear things for you.

Why Using Lottery Master Can Make A Difference?

  • It is free and easy to register a new player account here;

  • You can select your favorite payment method and lotteries to buy tickets for;

  • You can opt for the most popular domestic games or choose international titles for a chance to win a whopping jackpot prize in the blink of an eye;

  • You will not need to worry about travel expenses and complicated logistics such as traveling all the way to Australia or Europe if you are an American who wishes to try out their foreign games;

  • You will enjoy a free ticket once you will register your player account, as well as additional discounts for the future purchases you will make;

  • Player satisfaction is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars, and the 24/7 customer support team will also prove to be extremely helpful to answer any additional questions.

  • Celebrities can play the lottery while keeping their identity a secret, without triggering a genuine alarm in the paparazzi world.

Celebs Think Of Helping Charities With Lottery Wins play online lottery lotterymaster.com

  • Celebrities like Elizabet Hurley and George Clooney for examples are known to be fans of the Italian SuperEnalotto game. Their plans with the potential winnings always include a great deal of charity work.
  • Since they do not truly need the money, winning will give them a chance to show their good side to the world, build schools, fund organizations supporting the less fortunate and so on.

When sports star Matt Kemp, who had recently signed a $160 million contract posted a photo of himself holding a lot of Mega Millions tickets was asked why he had bought them, his answer was this: “You know what's better than $160 million dollars? $640 million dollars!”



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