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Top 5 Car Safety Secrets Any Driver Should Know

Top 5 Car Safety Secrets Any Driver Should Know

When was the last time you had your car door locks or keys inspected by a professional car locksmith or your regular mechanic? Did they find anything wrong with them? Have you ever had your vehicle stolen, or at least broken into? On a scale from 1 to 10, how much care would you say you normally give to the safety of your vehicle? Do you think you could do more to keep your vehicle safer? Below you will discover a few useful car safety secrets and tips to get you started on your growth and improvement process.

Secret #1: Pay Extra Attention Whom You Leave Your Car Keys To

A new study completed by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders as well as the Metropolitan Police Service and Thatcham Research has made an incredible discovery: 43% of the respondents have handed over their car keys to a stranger, while only 11% have handed their house keys to one. Do the results sound a little off to you? That is because they definitely are. And what makes it worst is that, despite of the fact that car theft has fallen from a peak of 620,000 in the nineties to 80,000 as we speak, car owners still need to carefully guard their vehicles against complacency.

So next time you decide to hand your car keys over to someone you barely now, think twice. Ask yourself if you know the person well enough to trust them fully and don't be afraid to say 'no' when you do not feel comfortable about it.

Secret #2: Keep Proper Car Key Management

Make sure that you know exactly how many spare keys your vehicle has, and where each of them is. Correct key management is not only useful when it comes to businesses and homes to prevent undesirable situations, but it is also mandatory for vehicles. If you do not have a sufficiently large number of key copies and you need to cut some more, make sure you only hire a licensed and experienced service for the job. This national service here https://247carlocksmiths.com handles all types of car locksmith services, including 24-hour emergency lockouts that usually get a 20-minute response time. Make sure to only leave your keys with a member of an accredited organization with a code of practice, no matter if you need to wash your car or have the oil checked.

Secret #3: Deter Thieves With An Alarm

If your vehicle does not already have an alarm or immobilizer, you should seriously consider investing in one. Opt for a steering wheel lock or a different type of a locking mechanism as well. They will add value to your vehicle and increase its degree of security on the long run. They are also excellent deterrents against thieves – as long as you remember to arm the alarm or enable the immobilizers before leaving the car parked somewhere.

Secret #4: Schedule Permanent Car Lock Inspections

Keep in touch with a professional car locksmith service in your area or opt for the expertise of a nationwide service that has mobile teams nearby. Have them schedule periodical inspections and checkups on your door locks, keys, key fob, transponder system, as well as trunk lock and ignition. If you have any other additional locking mechanisms installed, make sure that you have them verified and fixed as well.

Secret #5: Only Park In Safe Areas

Always choose well-lit area with a lot of foot traffic. If possible, use car parks featuring CCTV cameras and manned barriers.