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Strange Tales Of Lottery Winners

Strange Tales Of Lottery Winners

Unless you have at least once experienced the roller coaster of emotions that only a lottery winner could go through, chances are you are not very familiar with the feelings and state of mind that winners go through. Not to mention the emotions of someone who knows he has , but cannot find his tickets or go claim them prize for some reason. Laughing, cheering, crying, having more or less serious panic attacks – these are all normal reactions to the big news of having won the lottery.

Picking Up The Million Dollar Check

Entering the lottery millionaires' club is not an easy thing. And it should be treated with utter seriousness and devotion. Just like you would plan how to handle a recent inheritance you came across, you will need to get in touch with a lawyer and a financial planner and set things up for the future. Finding the support you will need when the big day comes is also mandatory. Getting enough sleep and food into your system, staying hydrated and not losing your grip when you are finally into the possession of those few million dollars is going to make all the difference.

The Woman Who Googled Her Husband And Found Out His Secret

You would think that when a spouse wins the lottery, he or she will immediately let their partner know so they can share the joy. By looking at the most , you can only imagine how many of the winners have spouses at home who may or may not be aware of the good luck that has struck their home out of the blue. By this act, the english reformation began, and the pope was stripped of his jurisdiction over writemyessay4me.org the english church. For example, Donna Campbell could tell a fascinating story on how she became suspicious of her husband the second he started to keep the TV turned off and also disconnected the phone line. She became even more suspicions when she came across a postcard speaking of a new home purchase. Her husband was in fact hiding that he had won no less than 10. 2 million – but Donna came across this particular piece of information online via a press release. The husband soon took off and was nowhere to be found, so his wife wasn't able to hand him the lawsuit papers, asking for 50 percent of the money and a divorce.

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Or, better yet, you lose your life after recently winning the lottery. Talk about good/bad luck! It happened to 73-year-old Carl Atwood who won more than $73,000 in an Indiana lottery game, but died just a few hours later. He suffered a sudden death after being knocked down by a truck. It happened just a couple of minutes after he had walked into a grocery store and bought the winning lottery ticket – then a pickup truck rounded a corner and struck him. He was just one block away from his home. More reasons why you should play online!

Why Playing Online Lottery Can Save You

Literally, it can save your life. Since you will not have to move one feet away form your home, and you can play from the comfort of your sofa, you will not risk dying sudden deaths in car crashes. You will also have the chance to play games you would not otherwise have physical access to, including international games, and enjoy discounts for your tickets online.