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Globalization Hits New Heights

Globalization Hits New Heights

Globalization is widespred

The latest in Indian news says that driven by a combination of factors, globalization has become the forefront of policy for the economic expansion of youths in China and India. Both countries are slowly shaping the global biosphere as China overtook the United States in 2007 for the largest producer of CO2. The European Union deems only 1% of the air in China safe to breathe. China and Japan are logging out tropical rainforests throughout Indonesia as well as Papua New Guinea. Meanwhile, China and India are both consuming the most amount of oil, China’s consumption growing by 8% year since 2002. With such high economic growth in pursuit of globalization, China, India, Europe, Japan, and the United States are abusing the ecological capacity of the world. This has considerably altered the health and sustainability of impoverished areas.

Environmental repercussions

Since the 1970s when environmental concerns first hit the political front, we have made little progress. Across the world, 1.3 billion people still lack access to clean water, which is a large concern within sustainability. Nearly half of the world’s population still lacks access to adequate sanitation and are forced to live on less than $2 per day. Over 2 billion people still live without electricity.  Since the 1970’s the world GDP grew from 16 trillion to over $40 trillion with production of companies growing every day thanks to new products. In the United States, discretionary spending by children who were between 3 and 11 grew from $18 billion to $21billion between 2005 and 2010. With the majority of wealth in fewer and fewer hands, our consumption is becoming more and more unequal. Generations of this majority of wealth have transitioned from enjoying things to consuming things, earning the title of “consumers”. These rates have slowly pushed our consumption beyond nature’s capacity to replenish. This is not directly related to consumption as an act, but rather, what consumption entails. Production, not consumption, has a larger effect on sustainability since consumption has developed technologically.

Growing online business

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