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3 Ways Of Keeping Your Business Safe

3 Ways Of Keeping Your Business Safe

Keeping a business safe is so much more than making sure hackers will not gain easy access to your confidential data and client files. If your are currently managing an office park or a retail shop, you also need to beware of the fact that you will turn into a prime target for criminals. The less adequate the security premises, the bigger the chances of being burglarized. Even if you are only running a small-sized business you should properly investigate the premises and ensure your workers' protection, plus the safety of the building’s contents.

If you have a warehouse filled with months' worth of inventory, the last thing you need is for a burglar to sneak in – maybe bring a small van along and “wipe” your warehouse clean of your most expensive items. Here is what to do to make sure that does not happen.

#1: Make Your Business Shine Bright247locksmithfinder.com install commercial locks

  • and we are not talking about the success of your business in its industry or particular niche. We are referring to the importance of proper – and powerful – lighting for all of your entryways and exits on your space.

  • Ensure your businesses space has a sufficient number of interior lights on during the nighttime. This way, you will create the illusion that someone is inside.

  • Consider installing a motion detector that should help you capture movement on your property. The higher the quality of your motion detector, you will manage to prvent false alarms and handle the real ones.

#2: Install Sturdy Doors – Plus Suitable Locks

  • the doors of your business space should be made of the sturdiest material possible, like solid wood or metal. Add padlocks to the garages if you also have a fleet of vehicles, and have deadbolts added to your sets of locks.

  • Work together with professional security companies and local locksmith services like this one here https://www.247locksmithfinder.com/commercial-locksmith. The 24/7 Locksmith Finder service provides lock installation, lock re-key, lock repair/maintenance services, as well as key duplication, cabinet lock installation an everything in between. Since every business has its custom doors and locks, lock technicians have to be prepared to handle each of them with extreme care and professionalism. When hiring a commercial lock to install a mortise lock or to reinforce tour glass/panel doors, make sure you spend some time researching the persons you are about to hire.

  • Swing door openers, rim mortise cylinders, single cylinder replacement deadbolts and sliding door loop locks for example could be the perfect match for a business space, but not do much for another one. This is why it is essential to have a professional locksmith assess your needs and recommend the best inspired solutions.

#3: Plan The Ideal Key Management System

  • Business owners only need to give keys to their most trustworthy and loyal of employees.

  • All keys need to be properly numbered and coded in order to be successfully tracked.

  • When a key is lost or misplaced, the event has to be reported as lost, and all corresponding locks have to be changed immediately to prevent someone with no access to your business from getting in.

  • if possible, have the locks re-keyed or install new ones so the old locks can no longer be used for criminal purposes.