11 Fringe (and occasionally alarming) American Political Parties That Actually Exist

11 Fringe (and occasionally alarming) American Political Parties That Actually Exist

We hear lots of talk about the Democrats and Republicans but there are loads of smaller political parties in the United States that are a little too extreme.


Communist Party USA

This communist political party has been around since 1919.


Modern Whig Party

The Modern Whig Party was founded by American troops who served in the Middle East. The group is an attempt to bring back the old Whig Party and focuses on fiscal responsibility.


Prohibition Party

The party still exists even though Prohibition was repealed in 1933. The party has had its own presidential candidate every election but recently those candidates haven’t gotten more than a thousand votes nationwide.


National Socialist Movement Party

The NSM is a neo-Nazi party that has engaged in a few local elections and some contentious rallies.


American Freedom Party

This party, which was founded in 2010, endorses white supremacy.


Peace and Freedom Party

This party focuses on feminism and socialism. Rosanne Barr was the party’s presidential candidate in 2012.


Christian Liberty Party

Formerly known as the American Heritage Party, this Christian political party focuses on encouraging a union between church and state.


Transhumanist Party

The Transhumanists run with the belief that technology is required to make humans perfect. It focuses heavily on science’s involvement in politics.


United States Marijuana Party

This is a single-issue party that focuses on the legalization of marijuana.


Alaska and Hawaii Independence Parties

These are two state-specific parties that focus on these two non-mainland states separating themselves from the rest of the country.


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